Still feels like a brand new car.

I was heading back home from an appointment, when i noticed the miles counting down… 99991….99992
ok, ok, i’m not too far from home, maybe i’ll make it to my driveway…

shoot.. only at 280 / 87 (or somewhere around there)

ah ah! where’s my phone? okok recording… where’s the light, ok, light on


what? why are you turning off?! no no, wheres my car charger? WHERE?!

99999… 00000!

woohoo! after pulling over the side of the road, fumbling for the charger in excitement, I was able to record my first mile. Sigh, my first 100k ever.


Re-solder Re-light


This guy’s a little nuisance – the headlight solder point attached the combo switch.

I already had the 280z’s column covers off earlier in the week month because my headlights wouldn’t turn on (switch was broken), but now the wire when ahead and popped off. That white wire is an iPhone charger cable wrapped around the steering column to hold the wire down while I solder. Sigh – one day at a time…


Fits in a Z: Surfs up

Picked up a 6′ short board from SF and was thinking about strapping it on TOP of the Z… no, need. Fits in a Z. We’re goin’ surfin.20140304-014016.jpg

100k milestone: 81 miles to go


huh, i’ve never looked at a speedometer / odometer so close before…


Daily Datsun in a music video

At my brother’s the other day and noticed these chaps walking down the street while music was blaring.. Ah, filming a music video. Haha I think they got the 280z in there.

Which reminds me, where have we seen S30 (classic) Z’s in music videos?

Only one i know of is Far East Movement’s ‘Like a G6′ video

A quick Google search found Tiesto’s ‘Take Me’, which has a root beer 280z in nearly every shot. seriously! 4-speed, carpet dash mat and all. The Z steals the show!

Zpotted: black on black 280zx

My wife spotted this Z on the highway, and asked, “is this a Z?”. Yep! Haha I wonder how she knew… I haven’t asked her but maybe she remembered the shape of the Z31 S130 body style, or maybe she noticed it’s similarity to the S30… Either way, she’s catching on!

Love the stock look of the early 300zx 280zx, black on black, and the hood intake on these things. Now if only they had a better designed interior.. Regardless these things r growing on me.



3/4/14 – Edit – Upon further inspection.. it’s a 280zx! the 300zx didn’t have the squared off rear side window (it just tapered into a triangle). and i still don’t like this body style. [Thanks zach!]

Man in Corvette says:

Man and wife pull up next to me.
His black on black late 60′s Stingray ushers in the night even though it’s only dusk. It’s body, alive and clawing at the road even though it’s not moving. I give a hesitant yet enthusiastic thumbs up..

He rolls down his window and says…

“Hey dats like a little corvette, huh!?”
.. In the most Jeff Foxworthy-esque voice.

Thnx man

a 280z restoration one morning at a time

a 280z restoration one morning at a time


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