Bay Area Datsun Kick-Back

Summertime in the Bay Area is in full swing, and nothing like a nice warm summer evening to kick it with other Datsun heads at the Bay Area Datsun Kick-back!

Unfortunately, i won’t be able to make it, but if you’re available this evening, these guys will be there with everything Datsun.

Pet Food Express
3385 Castro Valley Blvd
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Friday, July 25th, 6pm – 9pm

More info:

Review: KDC KT-1370 Datsun Side view mirrors

My side view mirrors were in sad shape: loosing its ability to hold position, even after being tightened, so I ventured to eBay for some new ones.

One thing I wanted to keep in mind was using any existing holes in the 280z from the previous side view mirrors.

I eventually narrowed it down to a set dubbed “DOOR MIRRORS DATSUN FAIRLADY” 280z side-view mirrors $32/pair ($19.50 shipping) from eBay seller coniglio1975.

KDC KT-1370 “RearView MIRROR”
Made in Taiwan

KDS KT-1370 Side View Mirror KDS KT-1370 Side View Mirror

Highlights -
– As the description states, “Raw material = plastic”. (honestly, i can’t remember if that was there previous to purchasing it. I would have really opt’d for metal).
+ Closely fits the original side view mirrors (at least the ones I have)
– Plastic part lines severely apparent
+ Very easy to install
+ Single screw mirror tightening

All you’ll need is a screw driver, and perhaps a dremel / hacksaw to adjust the length of the main screw (see below)

The old mirror…




Quick inspection shows an “Altezza” sticker… nothing to do with Toyota tuning…



The old side view mirror bracket.



Note the difference in length of the mounting pads. Original is on top.



Note the difference in design. There’s a pitch in the old one (right), while the KDS version is flat. This shouldn’t really matter as the mirror itself is adjustable in all directions.



You’ll see a few things in this picture: 1) The supplied screw with the KDS KT-1370 kit is a bit too long, and will end up digging into the door (where there is no hole). 2) If you look close enough, you’ll see that I must have put the side view mirrors on too early after painting… there are spots where the paint has been pushed / rippled. Minor issue, however because the new mounting pad is slightly smaller, it will reveal more.



The Dremel tool made quick work of the main screw, shortening it to proper length as not to dig into the door (~1, 11/16″ including head).



Although the housing and bezel of the old side view mirror is larger, the mirror itself is the same size.



Huh? The driver side door has two additional holes more than the passenger side?! aahh was this a 240z door? My first is that this maybe left over design from the 240z’s classic single side view mirror…or the door was replaced (not likely as the original paint was spot on). Eh, whatevs – let’s install this thing.






While I’m not fond of the shiny black base, it’s not completely hideous either. I do mind more that the mirror’s housing is a dull black, while the base is a shiny black (i mean, come on!). If i have time, i may spray paint them the same black I’ve been using on the rest of the black parts on the car (matte black). Overall, not a bad purchase – you always get what you pay for. We’ll see how these hold up over the course of the year.

Datsun Swap Meet – San Jose, 7/20/14

There’ll be a local Datsun swap meet in San Jose! (finally!)

Who: all Datsuns & Japanese cars
Where: 2455 Masonic Dr, San Jose, CA
When: 7/20/14

It’s been a while since i’ve been to a show / swap meet, so this’ll be fun. HOPEFULLY ALL THEM BAY AREA Z’S CAN COME OUT AND REPRESENT! :] mmm who knows.. maybe I’ll bring some cash / parts.

San Jose Datsun Swap meet @ Masonic Dr.

From the craigslist ad:

Hello every one pls come joing us at this event in san jose ca we are having a swap meet for all DATSUN japanise cars. July/20/14 the addres 2455 masonic dr. san jose ca. 


Original post:

Datsun 240z – Dare to be Different (Petrolicious)

Roaming on youtube the other day, and ran into this Datsun 240z video by Petrolicious. Just a nice short shot of a beautiful car, enthusiast’s words, and of course well-done cinematics. Enjoy!

Squeaky clutch…

…meet your greasy doom. That is, if i can get to you.

For over a year now, my clutch pedal has been squeaking and squawking every now and again, just asking to be oiled, greased, lubed. And oh i have before, trust me.. I’d get on a latex glove, blindly find my way up the pedal arm till I hit something mechanical…there…some lithium grease here, some lithium grease there, a few pumps of the clutch pedal and the sound is gone… but it always comes back. Imagine what that’s like with the Z being a manual transmission. For me, I’m used to it. For anyone else, annoying!

I thought maybe the grease was just wearing away – lithium grease doesn’t seem to have the staying power as traditional automotive grease. Until I finally decided to take the plunge, seat all the way back, lay under the dash with my head on the floor and see what the heck is going on down there.

It’s hard to see, but the 280z has this nice metal wall between the clutch and brake pedal arms. Ah! so that’s why I could only get so far up…And now i need smaller hands, because the space to get to the actual mechanism that’s squeaking is for child-like hands only. You can also see from the pic where all that lithium grease went – haha!





How to get up there without training my nearly 2 & 3 year old nephew and niece to be grease monkeys? WD-40. This probably should have been my first go-to solution for reasons beyond it’s extended spray nozzle: dad would’ve used this first.


The extended straw allowed me to shoot up high into the hard to reach places. And I kinda just blindly shot stuff up there too for good measure. Viola! No more embarrassing squeaking every time I use the clutch.

Zpotted: champagne gold

My buddy Nick sent this over while he as in town. A 911 owner himself, he was still excited to tell me all the aspects he liked about this gold / champagne ’75/’76 Datsun 280z he zpotted in the parking lot.

Check it out – super clean! Krager / Centerline – like rims (probably original from the dealer), OE beefy bumpers, and just smooth and shiny as any perfect example would be. He was really keen to point out the louvers on the rear winshield – love’m.

Actually my 280z originally had the louvers; how can i tell? there’s a wear line on the glass! hmm gotta think about getting those before the summer sun really comes in!

Thanks Nick!




Daily Datsun Live! Smog saga – Final chapter

It passes. This is me reporting to you (semi) live from SmogTech in San Jose.. The Daily Datsun’s 1977 280z passes CA smog emission tests! :)

More on the rest of the story later.. Sorry, it’s been a while.


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